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Capes Capital Management, Inc. (Capes) is a registered investment advisor in Virginia Beach, Virginia who manages equity and fixed income portfolios for corporations, foundations, individuals, their retirement accounts and trusts and estates.  Since 1991, our fundamentally sound investment approach has been helping our clients achieve their financial goals.




The investment objectives and risk tolerances of the client form the basis for selection of appropriate investments to meet client goals. Each client’s portfolio is tailored to that client’s needs, and therefore we have no “model” portfolio. No one portfolio fits all clients. Secondly, since security values change over time, portfolios created at different times may be similar but will have somewhat different securities. The client’s risk tolerance will not only affect the asset allocation between stocks, bonds, and money market funds, but will also affect which securities – whether of greater or lesser risk – will be placed in the client’s portfolio.


In general Capes is a value oriented investment firm. We see value in a 'relative' sense. Focusing, for the purchase and sale of equities, on price relative not only to earnings, cash flow and book value, but also to private market value, market franchise, competitive advantages, technology and research and development capabilities. Near term earnings growth potential is important, but is only one of several criteria in the determination of value.


Value can also be found in bond markets where a comparison of yields relative to the risks implied by duration, credit factors, and relative liquidity suggest opportunities. As a rule, we will only invest in those credits rated BAA (investment grade) or better by Moody’s Investor Services or by Standard and Poor's Corporation or the equivalent.


Products and services mentioned on these web pages may not be available for residents of certain states and are are intended for persons in the US only. Please consult the sales restrictions relating to the service in question. For further information, please refer to th  Capes Capital Management, Inc. (CCM) Disclosure Brochure Form ADV Parts 2A and Part 2B, CCM Privacy Policy.  CCM Code of Ethics are available upon request.


Monroe Capital Partners, LLC (MCP) is an affiliated registered investment advisory firm.  MCP's Form ADV Parts 2A & 2B are available upon request.


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